Why Blog?

Hi! My name is Kim Burris and I am the Literacy Coach for the Orinda Union School District in Orinda, CA. I have a tendency to talk/write a little too much, so thought this site might help me share information I think could be helpful for our teachers. I want to give this a try and see if this helps me shorten my emails with teachers, as well as share pertinent information!

As the Orinda Union School District’s Literacy Coach for the past nine years, I’ve witnessed amazing teachers doing what they are passionate about, teaching! I’ve been lucky enough to see reluctant writers develop a passion for writing, students of all ages develop and embrace a love of reading, and those born with a gift for writing choose to push themselves in ways I would never have dreamed possible! Not only have I learned to be a stronger reader and even better writer from our amazing students, but I am fortunate enough to work with, and learn daily from our incredible teachers.

My job changes yearly, monthly, weekly, and even daily. I consider myself immensely fortunate to hold this position, and hope to continue to grow and develop as an educator and lifelong learner until there’s nothing left to learn… Is that even possible?

Please come join me in my journey to find words… words that help teach, impact lives, and share a passion for teaching! Learn with me and help educate me, as we navigate through the joys and pitfalls of education!


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