Social Media

Have I mentioned my summer obsessions yet? In my quest to grow and become a little more current in regards to technology, I decided to branch out and try both Twitter and FaceBook as educational tools. Oh my goodness… I’ve become so engrossed in these two tools that I could easily stay online for hours… My neglected husband might even say that I’ve been online 24/7. My brain has been pummeled with new and exciting educational ideas. I’ve been itching to get back to school!

My first step was to rejoin the educational world of twitter before summer began, and with Tech Coach Patsy Templeton’s patient guidance created my very own “Tweetdeck!” My “deck” is simply amazing and allows me to follow some of my favorite people/groups in a singe line feed per person or group versus having all of my tweets reach me in a random format! I would get SO frustrated reading some tweets that I didn’t want to lose/forget, and then never be able to find again! I’m loath to admit that I started taking screen shots of those tweets to help me out, which made Patsy smile and shake her head…
A couple of the groups I follow:
#tcrwp (Teachers College Reading and Writing Project… Of course!) This group is VERY active. I find ideas on this thread daily!
#theedcollab (The Education Collaborative) Awesome group with fabulous teaching ideas.
#G2Great (Dr Mary Howard & Christina Nosek) This group of educators helps me grow professionally and reminds me that if I’m not learning/growing, my teaching can become more static.
And I’ve not even mentioned the Twitter chats I’ve participated in! A Twitter chat will make your head spin, but are SO informative! Feel free to ask me about participating in a Twitter chat!

How eye-opening… Not only can I stay in touch with friends on FB, but I can connect with teachers, teaching groups, etc… I can ask for advice and get answers, review teaching tips, download writing samples, view pictures, check out others links, and so much more! A couple of my favorite groups to follow on FB are:
Units of Study in Reading TCRWP
Units of Study in Writing TCRWP
Notice and Note Book Club (Kylene Beers)
The Brown Bag Teacher

And I’m not sharing all of my Twitter and Facebook groups with you! Just a few of my favorites!! As you can tell, I’m obsessed! I encourage you to take the plunge… Give Twitter or FaceBook a try as an educational tool… And try not to lose any sleep over late night obsessions!


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